A challenging WP Custom theme development with tight deadline

Motive Customized solution a specific to the needs of the business
Technologies Custom CRM, WordPress

About The Project

Made with ♥ for Swiss Magic in Jun 2016

Solar D believes that changes to energy production and consumption can contribute to a better world – not only via clean energy but also via the opportunity to involve everyone in the production chain. This is what we call the beauty of social sharing – the ability to decentralize and share.

Solar-D company is a member of Thai Photovoltaic Industries Association and partner with National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in researching Solar energy electricity system and we are one of the company that is suggested by Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) on our service for solar cells system’s installation for household and factory use.

IndustrySolar Energy and DevicesSolar Cell
CountrySwitzerland, Thailand
Theme UsedCustom
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