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Cambridge University approved the opening of Teaching House in 2007. With the aim to expand quality English-language teacher training in the United States, Teaching House has opened over 15 center locations and trained over 3,000 new teachers. Teaching House is now the largest provider of Cambridge CELTA courses in the world.

Ensuring the high standards of education that are set by Cambridge University, all Teaching House CELTA courses have a maximum of only 6 trainees working with each trainer. To fulfill this trainer/trainee ratio, the Teaching House staff include over 20 Cambridge University-approved teacher trainers as well as a strong support team based at our headquarters in New York.

In addition to the standard four-week CELTA course format, Teaching House has developed two new formats: the 10-week part-time course which is designed for people who work full-time during the day (the course is run on two evenings a week and on Saturdays); and, the 7-week semi-intensive course (the course is run three days a week), which is run in November and December of each year and designed for people who would prefer to take the course at a slower pace.

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