The Moses Kalgha

A webpage for a small resort based in Kalgha

Motive To provide a pictutisque view of the beauty of the place and create an impression of adventure waiting for you once you get there
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About The Project

Made with ♥ for Ashok Thakur in Nov 2016

For the few travellers that know of Kalgha, it is one of many small villages scattered across the Paravati Valley, the gorge that runs eastwards from the confluence of the Parvati and Beas rivers.

It is only much after Kasol (beyond Manikaran) that the roads get uneven and the drive becomes bumpy. Tough roads, however, are usually the measure of a good offbeat destination; the bumpier the road, the lesser the probability of tourist traffic at the end of it. From Barshaini, a forty-five minute hike up a somewhat steep slope lands you in Kalgha.

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