Let her the way she is, the rest she can handle.

On this International Women’s Day as a bundle of slogans, articles and endless discussions about women empowerment is going on the whole day. Besides this, many of the women’s do not give a damn for all this, as like every year these impressive slogans, celebrations and discussions still not going to bring any change in the society regarding the women’s safety.

How can women hope on every 8th March for a certain miracle or sudden change in the mindset of the society of a nation where women’s have to fight again and again for her empowerment, safety, and respect?

Let’s stop asking every time for equality as you know” Women is a wonder which is above all”. As it is well said-“Stop waiting for someone to bring a change in your life because you are quiet enough to bring it darling”!

Our nation already has many remarkable women’s (Mary Kom, Arunima Sinha, Laxmi Agarwal, Hina Jaiswal, Khushboo Kanwar, Mithali Raj, Sushma Swaraj and many more) who set the example of “Women can be anything beyond your imagination”. Women have already shown to the society that her best place is not only the kitchen. Today’s women are in every sphere, be it army, sports, business, medicine, dance, politics, social service.

So this Women’s Day, let’s change the myth of “A woman is a woman’s worst enemy”, into “A woman is a woman’s best supporter”. And definitely, this is going to create a little change somehow as we all know-“When Women put their heads together, powerful things happen”.

Turn this one-day celebration into “Forever Supporting” day as we know that there are still many women in our nation who do not bring that courage to ask for her rights, who are still under the bars of boundaries and who are still treated as the slaves.

Be a supporter of every woman around you who needs you.