Made Of Fashion

Beautiful landing page for a Fashion Technology firm

Motive Landing page before the actual website of the business
Technologies HTML, Landing Page
The item is not live anymore. Please see the screenshots.
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About The Project

Made with ♥ for Emma Potter in Nov 2015

The client wanted to create a website which would show a simple landing page and showcase some of Made of Fashion designer clothing and footwear. The client wanted this project in a hurry so we had to complete the task within a couple of days. For the project, we used Custom HTML and CSS to make a basic landing. Which would do the trick as the loading time would be less as compared to creating a simple WordPress website. Using an image for the background always attracts the visitor to stay on the website. Creating a visually stunning landing page within a couple of days was a very challenging task. It was a very good experience in creating a website for “Made of Fashion” as usually because designer clothing websites need more creativity.

IndustryFahion Designers
Theme UsedCustom HTML