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Local business got online in motivation with Digital India

Motive Online presence of the business with E-commerce
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About The Project

Made with ♥ for Aman Singla in Dec 2015

During the boom of Digital India. One of my family members decided that he also wanted a website. So, that his local Sims Group best rice products business could also get help from being online. It is a rice product and its services company and with the right amount of information and images, we were able to create a website which would showcase the best products which are currently in the market. Doing the SEO of Sims Group really does help local businesses also, as the people who wanted to buy the best rice products online could do it there itself. As it is a woocommerce website and people nearby the town could visit the store and see the products for themselves.

IndustryRice Mill Spare Parts
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