A challenging WP Custom theme development with tight deadline

Motive Customized solution a specific to the needs of the business
Technologies WordPress, Custom CRM
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About The Project

Made with ♥ for Swiss Magic in Jun 2016

We had to create a custom theme for Solar-d solar cell technologies company. And the theme was to showcase the company’s motto and the company itself. As the company mostly dealt in Thailand they wanted their “Solar-d” solar cell technologies website to be multilingual. For that, we had to use a plugin that would convert English to Thai. We had created a multilingual website before but creating one with a custom theme is a whole new challenge as creating a theme is already a tough task and making it comply with a multilingual plugin makes it more and more complex. It took a little time but the client was in awe with the output he received.

IndustrySolar Energy and DevicesSolar Cell
CountrySwitzerland, Thailand
Theme UsedCustom