The Moses Kalgha

A webpage for a small resort based in Kalgha

Motive To provide a pictutisque view of the beauty of the place and create an impression of adventure waiting for you once you get there
Technologies WordPress, Designing, Content
The item is not live anymore. Please see the screenshots.
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About The Project

Made with ♥ for Ashok Thakur in Nov 2016

Making a website for The Moses Kalgha in WordPress. The resort website project was always a joyful task as you get to see the beauty of nature around the resort. The client provided us with plenty of pictures to work with. The theme worked perfectly with the needs of the client. That’s why our client Ashok Thakur appeared quite impressed with the quality of work. Also, he wanted us to do the SEO for his website. And it did increase the sales of packages which they provided.

IndustryGuide and Tracking
Theme UsedTranscargo
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